FLF SF50 Floating Fountain

The FLF SF50 floating fountain will work in any size pond or lake.  This is one of our most popular and cost effective models.  Formally known as our "Standard 1/2HP Fountain", we have improved the output by 25 percent!

Patterns range from approximately 7 to 15 feet tall by 8 to 20 feet wide.

The included high-flow custom nozzles allow 7 different patterns.  Adjust the nozzle attachments to create your own pattern. Our nozzles are made from the highest grade materials. They do not restrict flow like some fountain sellers would like you to believe. We’ve tested our nozzles to operate in our pump’s “power band.” This is why our fountains simply look better and have bigger displays than the others.

Along with our custom heavy-duty float (with included brass inserts), you also get 100′ of underwater power cable. No splice kits are needed. Just attach the nozzle of your choice, plug it in (standard 110v plug) and enjoy the show!

Check out our optional light kit for great night-time fountain displays.

Every fountain includes an intake screen to prevent any debris from being sucked into the pump as well as 50 feet of marine grade Polypropylene mooring rope.  We recommend a water depth of 4 feet for our fountains to work to their fullest potential.  The power consumption on this fountain is 3.5 Amps.

Download the fountain instruction sheet ⤵

This item is currently our of stock. We expect to have more inventory before the end of 2020. Please your order now and we'll ship your items as soon as stock becomes available.