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After trying numerous fountains for our own use, we were disappointed to find that most ‘affordable’ units were made with cheap components and inferior pumps. After continued frustration with the competition, we decided to develop our own reliable, affordable line of floating fountains, the current generation of which is call the SF Series.  Several years later, we use the same proven techniques to develop or Pro Fountains.

We have spent years testing our fountains and nozzles so you do not need to make the same costly mistakes as we did!

Our fountains are simple and practical and are suitable for residential and commercial applications.

Our floating fountains are perfect for your pond or lake area. While adding a beautiful display, our fountains also provide significant surface aeration—a nice way to prevent algae or stagnant water build-up.

Most recently, we have added high quality aeration systems to our product line.  These units and their associated accessories are developed by Fawn Lake Fountains and have gone through the same testing and development process as our fountains.  In other words, you know you are getting a solid, effective product at a great price.

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