Fawn Lake Fountains Aeration Systems FAQ

What pump do I choose?

The FLF-SA100 is the smallest pump in our SA lineup and is suitable for 1-3 diffusers and up to 50 feet of hose.  

The FLF-SA150 is the medium model pump.  It can handle 1-5 diffusers and up to approximately 80 feet of air hose.

The FLF-SA200 is the strongest pump in the SA series.  It can handle 1-6+ diffusers and up to 150'+ of air hose.

What type of diffusers do I need?

This is a matter of preference.  Glass diffusers produce a finer and smaller bubble.  This leads to more aeration. 

Rubber membrane diffusers are cheaper and easier to clean.  They produce a slightly larger bubble than a glass diffuser.

Our HD Glass diffusers are self weighted as are the single and dual 'Self Weighted Membrane Diffusers.

Although not technically 'self weighed', the HD rubber diffusers (6", 8", 12") will stay on the pond or lake bottom when used with our standard weighted air hose.

Regardless of the type, the longer/larger the diffuser, the more aeration it will provide.

How deep can I put a diffuser?

The optimal depth is 1 to 8 feet.  The deeper the diffuser, the more resistance there is to pump air to that depth. Review the specifications tab of the product page to ensure that you are not under powering or overloading your aeration pump.

Can I buy a larger manifold than I need so that I can add more diffusers at a later time?

Yes- you can close the output valves on our manifolds on the ports you do not need to use.

Do I need a gauge on my manifold?

Although not mandatory, we recommend this as it will help you monitor system pressure and identify issues such as air leaks or dirty diffusers.  Too much pressure can damage the pump.  

Can I use your aeration system to prevent my pond or lake from freezing?

Yes!  Many of our customers use our aeration systems to keep areas of their ponds or lakes from freezing- especially if they want to leave their docks in year round.

Are your pumps weatherproof?

Yes, our SA series aeration pumps are weatherproof and have an IP44 rating.  We do recommend to try to protect the pump from direct sun in very warm climates if possible. 

Can your pumps be rebuilt?

Yes- Our SA series pumps can be easily rebuilt should the diaphragms need to be replaced.  We have the necessary parts available in the parts section of our store.  We also offer a mail-in service should you not want to do it yourself.  Contact us for more info.