Best Floating Pond Fountains

Best Floating Pond Fountains

December 20, 2019

Floating Pond Fountains

Turn your pond into a beautiful display with a floating pond fountain! Fawn Lake Fountains offers easy to install, floating fountains for ponds that provide aeration and oxygen needed to keep your pond healthy. Our pond fountains are ideal for any size pond, large or small. 

Commercial and Residential Pond Fountains

Pod fountains are widely used in both commercial and residential settings. Floating pond fountains can add value to any property and create a beautiful display to welcome guests.

You can find residential ponds in neighborhood developments and on private properties that can give homeowners a beautiful scenery and a sense of relaxation. 

A Great Floating Pond Fountain at a Great Price

Floating pond fountains are a great option for both decoration and aeration for your pond. Fawn Lake Fountains offers a series of standard fountains and pro fountains based on your needs. 

See below for all of the standard fountains we currently have available in our store. 

The FLF SF100 Floating Fountain

The FLF SF100 Floating Pond Fountain is our top of the line fountain with a 1HP pump that outputs 10,000GPH! Fountain patterns range from 10 to 34 feet tall by 10 to 36 feet wide. 

This pond fountain includes a high-flow custom nozzle that allows for 7 different patterns of height and flow. You can adjust the nozzle attachments to create your own patterns and stun your guests. Fawn Lake Fountains use the highest grade materials that allow for bigger and better displays than other retailers. 

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The FLF SF75 Floating Fountain

The FLF SF75 Floating Pond Fountain is the perfect choice for those wanting a nice fountain display for their pounds that pushes a powerful output. 

Others are advertising “1 HP pumps” that only output 4,000GPH. Our SF75's powerful 3/4 HP pump moves 5,500GPH! Patterns range from 10 to 20 feet tall by 10 to 25 feet wide.

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floating pond fountains

The FLF SF50 Floating Fountain

Updated for 2019, The FLF SF50 floating fountain will work in any size pond or lake.  This is one of our most popular and cost effective models.  Formally know as or "Standard 1/2HP Fountain", we have improved the output by 25 percent!

Patterns range from 7 to 15 feet tall by 8 to 20 feet wide.

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Floating Pond Fountains for Sale

The FLF SF25 Floating Fountain

New for 2019- The FLF SF25 floating fountain will work in any size pond or lake.  With an efficient 1/3 HP pump, the SF25 is our most cost effective fountain and is perfectly suitable for smaller ponds/lakes.

All of our SF series fountains use the same high quality float and nozzles so you know you are getting a quality product using proven parts and hardware.

Patterns range from 5 to 12 feet tall by 4 to 14 feet wide.

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Find Your Perfect Floating Pond Fountain Today

Not only are these floating fountains great for ponds, they can also be used for lakes as well. Fawn Lake Fountains is now offering a new professional line of floating pond fountains that adds a new, higher output, and a more efficient stainless steel fountain pump. 

All of our standard fountains come with a generous 18-month pump warranty as well as a limited lifetime warranty on all other fountain parts.

The Professional series fountains come with an industry leading 2-year pump warranty!

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