Pond Fountains & Lake Fountains

Pond Fountains & Lake Fountains

November 27, 2019

Find Your Perfect Pond Fountain or Lake Fountain

Fawn Lake Fountains is proud to offer the best quality pond fountains and lake fountains, as well as fountain parts and fountain accessories through our online store. We manufacture top quality floating pond and lake fountains with multiple display options. Our custom fountain nozzles allow for multiple different spray patterns allowing you to select which one you like the most. Our floating fountains are ideal for customers who want a beautiful fountain for a pond or lake at an affordable cost. Fawn Lake Fountains heavy duty pond fountains are perfect for handling rain fed, or spring fed dirty water conditions while providing excellent results. 

All new (non-clearance) standard fountains come with a generous 18- month pump warranty from the date of purchase. Our Pro series line of fountains come with a full 24-month pump warranty from the date of purchase.

Fawn Lake Fountains floating pond fountains and floating lake fountains are ideal for residential or commercial ponds and lakes.

Our floating fountains not only give an elegant look to your pond or lake landscape and living area, they also help in aeration and oxygenation of stagnant waters to control unwanted algae growth.

Besides stunning your friends, neighbors, and guests with your fountain’s beautiful displays, there are also additional benefits. The health of fish and other water habitants becomes better with the increased level of oxygen generated by aeration. Your pond will remain clean and will have less mosquitoes that develop due to stagnant water. Our floating pond fountains and lake fountains are the best way to promote healthy natural water environments.

Fawn Lake Fountains are widely used in both commercial and residential areas. Our Pro line of floating fountains can be seen in the courtyard of a hotel or corporate headquarters, golf courses, or in the lake of a resort. Our Pro pond and lake fountains not only give higher showing displays, they are also more efficient which allows bigger displays while consuming less energy.

Fawn Lake Fountains are also very popular in residential applications. Our Standard (and Pro) Pond/Lake Fountains are an extremely popular choice due to their value and performance compared with our competitors.

Everyone wants their outdoor living area to look beautiful and have the “Wow Factor”. Installing a floating fountain in your outdoor area not only increases the beauty of your home but also expresses your lifestyle. Residential and Commercial pond fountains can often be seen at luxury homes, bungalows, in ponds of farm houses, etc. Our fountains give the feeling of relaxation by just sitting and watching the beautiful displays and listening the soothing sound of the moving water.

Fawn Lake Fountains Floating Lake and Pond Fountains Characteristics:

  • Extremely Reliable and Affordable
  • Multiple models available to meet any application
  • Heavy-duty and Debris-tolerant
  • Designed for all sizes of Ponds and Lakes
  • Light kits available for all models
  • Multiple Spray Head Patterns
  • Fast Shipping
  • Easy Installation
  • Ready to Operate Out of the Box
  • Fully Automatic
  • No special electrical connection required- All our fountains work on standard household 110 Volt power.
  • Best in class warranty

  • Benefits of Floating Fountains:

    There are numerous benefits of floating fountains. They not only add beauty to your landscape but also promote a healthier water environment. Water aeration introduces oxygen to the lower level of water which is beneficial to the overall health of the pond or lake as well as the water life eco-system itself.

    Many commercial and residential sites are using fountains to improve the quality of water. Stagnant water contains high levels of unwanted plant life, debris, and algae which contaminates the water by releasing various gases. A quality Fawn Lake floating fountain generates high levels of oxygen at the water surface and below that helps to keep the water clean and healthy while reducing the impacts of stagnant water.

    Reduction of Algae and Weeds:

    The continuous flow of water from floating pond fountains prevents the growth of many types of algae that usually grow under or at the water surface. In addition, the increased level of oxygen created by floating pond fountains decreases excess nutrients in the pond, which helps in controlling aquatic weeds and plant life from taking over.

    Reduce Mosquitos and other Insects:

    Stagnant water is the favorite place of mosquitoes and other insects to breed. Many pond owners use our floating fountains to decrease or eliminate mosquitoes and other insects. The movement of water makes your pond or lake an unfriendly location for mosquito and other insect breeding.

    Removes Bad Odors:

    The lower parts of pond or lakes can generate various gases which cause bad smells and odors. Aeration with our floating fountains can help in releasing these types of gases by increasing water flow.

    Enhancing Fish Habitat:

    Owners of fish ponds usually add a fountain to their pond not only for their beauty, but for the increased health and growth of their fish. Installing a floating fountain helps to circulate water from lower pond levels to the upper surface. This increases the water’s oxygen levels and the overall health of your pond or lake.

    Choosing a Fountains for Ponds and Lakes:

    While making a selection of the proper floating fountains for ponds and lake, the depth, shape, and size of the water feature should all be considered.

    Fountain Size: In large ponds, a more powerful fountain pump that aerates the water from the lower surface to the upper surface is needed. In this case our FLF Pro Fountain series is best. With our Pro Fountains, depending on the model, you can expect displays from 15-40 feet tall by 10-45 feet wide. In some case you will need more than a single pond fountain to properly aerate the pond or lake.

    Fountain Depth: Water depth is also important to consider when selecting a pond fountain. For deeper ponds, you will require heavy duty pond fountain that circulates the water properly. Keep this in mind when selecting your fountain.

    Fountain Shape:

    A pond fountain work well in any shape pond and lakes. If aeration is your goal and your pond or lake has an irregular size, it may not be able to properly aerate all areas of your pond or lake. In that case, you can always install additional fountains in outlying areas.

    Fountain Display: If you are looking for a floating pond or lake fountain for decorative purposes, that’s fine too! We find that many of our customers buy a fountain for this reason. There is a reason for this: They look great!

    Just review our product photos so you know what to expect from each model. If you need any additional info, please contact us!